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Bone Scanner

SBJ Offers Bone Density Testing

Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, P.A. has added bone densitometry to its testing services.

“We have installed a Hologic x-ray bone densitometer in our office to accommodate referrals for bone mineral density assessments. We want to help identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and determine fracture risk. One out of every two women past menopause has osteoporosis. You shouldn’t wait for a debilitating fracture to find out if you have it. The testing will scan the hip, spine and arm,” said Dr. Jay Antinnes, an SBJ fellowship-trained spine surgeon.

Bone density testing is fast and painless. It requires no injections or invasive procedures. During a test, the patient lies fully clothed on a padded treatment table while the machine scans one or more areas of bone. The entire test takes typically 15 minutes. Although the machine emits x-rays, the radiation dose during the test is less than the radiation exposure during a coast-to-coast airline flight.

A physician referral is required for a bone density test.