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Direct Anterior Hip Procedure

For selected patients with painful arthritis of the hip, muscle-sparing hip replacement surgery is now available at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, P.A. performed by Dr. James Sikes.

Muscle-sparing hip replacement surgery also called direct anterior hip replacement allows the surgeon to replace the arthritic hip without sacrificing any of the muscle attachments around the hip joint. With the sparing of the muscles about the hip, the patient may experience a faster initial recovery with less risk of developing a limp post-operatively from muscle weakness.

Hospital stays may be shortened to two or three days instead of five days with the traditional posterior surgery. Rehabilitation may be shortened from a week or two of inpatient treatment at a facility to just a few sessions of outpatient treatment with a physical therapist.

The procedure is not appropriate for severely deformed hips or when repairing an existing replacement.