Southern Bone and Joint Specialists focuses on patient care in each of these orthopaedic subspecialties: adult reconstruction and joint replacement, sports medicine, spine surgery, hand and microvascular surgery, surgery of the shoulder and elbow, surgery of the foot and ankle, orthopaedic trauma surgery, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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  • About The Spine Center

    It's estimated that 4 out of 5 adults will have an attack of back pain at some point in their lives. One of every three on-the-job injuries is related to back or neck strain.

    The Spine Center at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, PA, is a multidisciplinary spine center based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is referred back and neck pain patients from across the State and region.

    • Fellowship-trained spine surgeons
    • Spinal injection specialists
    • Emphasizes non-surgical treatment options
    • X-ray and MRI Diagnostics
    • Spine Therapy

    If surgery is necessary, the three spine surgeons have expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery, scoliosis and deformity correction surgery, and artificial disc replacement surgery, including Mobi-C disc for cervical disc herniations and motion preservation.

    The spine center emphasizes non-surgical treatment options and patient education.

    Another unique aspect of The Spine Center is that it combines two orthopedic spine surgeons working with a neurospine surgeon.

    Referrals, appointments and second opinions are at 601.554.7400.

  • About The Joint Replacement Center

    Decades ago an orthopedic surgeon would treat all types of joint problems. With ever-increasing new technology and treatment advances specific to different joints and bones, that's changed dramatically. Over the past 15 years, orthopedics has become super-specialized with surgeons now becoming fellowship-trained in a specific body part, such as foot/ankle or hand/arm or spine.

    Because of this super specialization in orthopedics, Southern Bone and Joint Specialists is organized into CLINICAL CARE CENTERS which provide patients the most advanced technology and care specific to their orthopedic injury or pain symptom.

    One example is the use of new Robotic Surgery Technology. The hip and knee surgeons make use of Mako Robotic Surgery that improves the outcomes from hip and knee replacement. The technology enables the joint replacement surgeon to map out in advance of surgery the optimal cuts in the bone for the best surgical outcome and to spare as much bone as possible.

    Similarly, the spine surgeons in The Spine Center provide the most advanced FDA-approved artificial discs that preserve motion in the spine.

    Consquently, these clinical care centers are referred patients from across the region.

    • Fellowship-trained spine surgeons
    • Orthopedic specialists
    • Non-surgical treatment options
    • X-ray and MRI Diagnostics
    • Physical Therapy

    Work-releated Injuries Require Special Care

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on-the-job orthopedic injury costs employers billions. One in four on-the-job injuries relate to back or neck injury with 5% of the cases accounting for 75% of the costs.

    Southern Bone and Joint Specialists, PA, recognizes the complex requirements of caring for on-the-job injury. Treatment of the work-related injury needs to be compressed and accelerated. The employer and case manager need to know the treatment plan and if and when the worker may return to work.

    Consequently, Southern Bone and Joint Specialists works closely with the injured worker, the employer, the insurance adjuster and the case manager to provide a quick appointment, accurate diagnosis of the injury, the most likely causation, and the most appropriate treatment for the employee.

    The Joint Center Physicians

  • About Urgent Care

    Walk-in access to immediate orthopaedic care with no appointment needed.

    Visit our urgent orthopaedic care clinic when your injury needs prompt attention including sprains, strains, fractures, muscle or joint pain, sports-related injury, or recent back trauma or pain.

    We want our patients to have the fastest and highest quality orthopaedic care. If you’ve sustained an orthopaedic injury that we can treat, then we should be your first and only stop!

    Open M-F/12-7pm